Formed in November 2014, our mission is to provide the youth of Lane County with an exciting environment to learn age-appropriate coding skills. We collaborate with community volunteers and industry representatives to host learning sessions that prepare today’s youth for tomorrow’s tech industry careers.

Our sessions are free and educate kids in coding, e-textiles, mini bots, and LEGO® Motors and Mechanisms. Our organization is volunteer run, open source, locally developed and nationally recognized.

Join up if you're a coder who would like to help kids learn, or a student who wants to learn more; practice your skills in a fun environment, or a parent who wants to get their kids involved in 21st Century Skills.

  • Picture of Vallie Majors-Thomas

    Vallie Majors-Thomas

    A native Oregonian and graduate of LCC's Computer Programming with AAS in Mainframe Programming, Micro Computer Programming and Computer Operations. I was employed by a local tech company for 15 years in Tech Support/management, 6 years of which I spent in Australia. I enjoy technology, learning new languages and helping others learn as well. I manage the CoderDojo sessions and coordinate volunteers that would like to host sessions. I would encourage anyone that is passionate about the Computer Science field to volunteer as a session host or classroom assistant for any computer language. I love working with the kids that come to our Sessions. It's amazing how excited they get when they can see their own progress throughout the session and the sessions trigger that thirst to learn more. I give back to our community as a volunteer for the Srs & Disabled Money Management Program here in Lane County.

  • Shareen Vogel sitting at a table

    Shareen Vogel

    My life has been a series of adventures. Travel, work, and family have taken me to Africa, Europe and South America, but I ultimately decided to land and grow a family in Eugene and pursued a Masters degree in Community Development. For the last 15 years, I have worked in education, focusing much of that time on secondary to postsecondary pathways. I’m passionate about helping people find their strengths, build talent, and follow their passion. CoderDojo has been an amazing project to coordinate for that very reason; seeing youth get excited creating with technology! When I’m not working, I’m having fun at home with my husband Chris and two boys, Louis, 8 and Elian, 5.